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We are committed to raising $15,000.00 in scholarship money for the school. It takes $300.00 dollars a year to send a student through school. That includes their tuition, school supplies, two sets of uniforms, and two pairs of shoes. Please consider sponsoring a child for one year.

We are paying the salary of Roger Gonzales, one of the key administrators at the school. His salary is $300.00 per month. If 36 people would be willing to donate $100.00 each, that would take care of his salary for the year.

Do you have Frequent Flyer Miles that you would be willing to donate? What an incredible gift it would be. We would like to bring Rosa Amanda Vargas, past president of the Board of Directors for the school, here for a visit, as well as take others from CUMC who can’t afford the ticket. Frequent Flyer Miles would greatly help these needs.

We are always looking for computers. The computers need to run at least Windows XP. We no longer accept the large monitors. It costs more to take it than it is to buy a brand new flat screen monitor. We can take 5 flat screen monitors in one box that does not exceed the weight regulations of the airlines, and is less weight than one of the big monitors. We have a team that works on the computers to reformat the hard drives and reinstall the programs, in order to insure that all the data is wiped from the hard drive.

We are always looking for school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, and etc. Any kind of office supplies like paper-clips, scissors, staplers, and etc., are always welcomed.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO ON A TRIP TO NICARAGUA? Our next major trip is December 26, 2010 to January 3, 2011. We hope to take about 20 people. There will be opportunities for several other trips before December for one week periods.

Soccer Balls are always a hit in Nicaragua. If you have one you’re not using, let us take it to Nicaragua.

If you have summer or "lite weight" clothing, we always can use them. It doesn’t matter what the size, we can find someone who can use it. Also, children’s blue pants or skirts and white (short sleeve) shirts and blouses are always a blessing. That is the school uniform.

Would you like to help a deserving Nicaraguan high school graduate go to college? It takes about $200.00 a month to send a student through college in Nicaragua on a nine month schedule. That’s right, $1,800.00 per year. So, we’ll find the student, and you find 17 of your friends who would like to give $100.00 a year, along with you, and change the history of a young person in Nicaragua. It’s an incredible opportunity to make a difference.

There are opportunities available to teach at the school; long and short term. Email Gene Cotton for details.

And finally, pray.....pray for us who are attempting to make this happen, and pray for the people of Nicaragua, especially at the school. This is a most difficult time for them.

For further information contact Gene Cotton:  gene5712@aol.com

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